Weapon Craft

WeaponCraft adds a bunch of new weapons and explosives, for example Mines, Grenades or Shurikens.

Also, some new Materials are added: Bloodcrystal, Blaze Ingot, Compressed Obsidian and Craftable Bedrock.

You can acquire Bloodcrystals by killing Mobs. Every Mob has a slight chance to drop a Bloodcrystal.

Added Blocks and Items:

  • Tools, swords and armor out of the following materials:
    Bloodcrystal, Emerald, Blazeingots, Netherquartz, Lapislazuli, Obsidian, Compressed Obsidian and Bedrock
  • Two new lighters (Flint and Gold; Flint and Blaze)
  • Two new types of shears (Obsidian and strong Obsidian)
  • Chocolate
  • Throwable Slime- and Fireball
  • Shurikens out of Bloodcrystal, Diamond, Gold and Iron
  • Grenade
  • Spikes
  • Instant TNT
  • Mine

The crafting recipes can be found here.

Weapon Craft supports English and German Language. 



Minecraft 1.7.10: Download WeaponCraft v.1.0.0