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Magicum is a mod about collecting elemental resources from worldly materials and turning them into magical essences, spells and magically enhanced items.


When you start playing Magicum, you will ascend from a wizard apprentice to a master of spells and magical machines.


Use the energy of Mana to direct your will and the elemental essences into powerful magic. Collect the magical resource Magicum to increase your magical power even further. Craft Mana-infused armor that grants you special effects to make you nearly invulnerable.


The magical energy awaits you. You cannot feel it yet, but it wants to work together with you to rule the world of Minecraft.

How to start with Magicum

Magicum is a very complex mod, but it has an ingame tutorial book, called the Codex Magicum. This is the first item you should craft in order to become a wizard. It is also the only crafting recipe you need to remember, everything else is explained within the Codex.

You can craft the Codex Magicum like this. If you want the Codex to be named, you can use a signed book in the center.

The Codex explains you everything you need to know about Magicum: The backgrounds of magic, the crafting recipes and magical phenomena.

Screenshot gallery

I have collected a lot of random screenshots that I took during development in a gallery on Imgur. Click here to go there.

Status of development

Magicum is currently "work in progress", thus some Items are not available in survivalmode yet. They are marked with "work in progress".


Features implemented in Magicum 1.0-a.410:

  • Elemental forces in nearly every Item
  • Magical workbech and simple machines
  • Elemental essences
  • Wands
  • Basic Magic spells
  • Swords, Bows, Armor
  • Meteors and Shootingstars that provide some materials (There may be some bugs with their spawning behavior)

Planned features in Magicum:

  • Energy crystals that can store magical energies
  • Machines that work with energy crystals
  • Special magic spells that can be learned
  • NPCs and Monsters
  • Enchantmens
  • The ability to fly


I am quite sure there are some bugs in Magicum, so if you spot one of them, please let me know via e-mail:

When reporting a bug, please include the crash report and a description of what exactly you have done.

Magicum requires the Miner's Basic modding library.

For each version of Magicum there is a download link for the respective Miner's Basic version. You can also download Miner's Basic from here.

If you do not know how to install Minecraft Forge to run the mods, please refer to this tutorial.

Version Download Miner's Basic
1.0 - alpha build 410 (MC 1.8)
(1.0-b.327) Download



Here is some space for your comments and questions concerning Magicum.

I've also set up a thread on the Minecraft Forum.