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I want to show you how to set up Minecraft Forge for the Minecraft Client to run mods in Minecraft.


0/10 - Very easy


  • You have to know how to run a .jar file.

Important Note:
This Tutorial is created for Windows mainly. On another OS, some of the directories or commands may vary! The tutorial works fine on Linux.

Installation of Forge

To install Minecraft Forge to your MC Client we first have to download the MC Forge installer from

On this page we select the version which is designated as "recommended" for your MC version. We click on the "installer" link for this version. This will start the download of the MC Forge Installer which is a .jar file.


Once we have downloaded the installer, we have to run it. This will open up a Gui. Here we have to select "Client Installation". We hit OK and the installer does its work.


After some seconds we should receive a success message. Then we can open up your MC Launcher. We create a new profile, give it any name we want and click on the drop-down box for the version. We select the installed Forge Version (should be listed at the end). Then we save the profile and start Minecraft. If everything had worked you can see some notes in the lower left corner of the title screen saying: Minecraft Forge Version xx.xx.x.xxxx.

Then everything is OK.

Adding mods to MC Forge

Now we have Forge installed but actually it does nothing. To change this we can add mods to Forge. Thats one of the easiest things in the world:

Just place the downloaded mod files in this folder:


If we then run Minecraft (with Forge installed) the mods should be loaded ad well.


Note that AppData is a hidden folder which can only be seen if we enable this in the settings of Windows Explorer.

If you can't or don't want to do this hit Windows + R and type %AppData%, then hit Enter.

Comments and Questions:

If you want to report modding problems, please make sure to include the code in a pastebin link or something else! Don't just write "It doesn't work", otherwise your post will be deleted. For more complicated problems, please use the troubleshooter form.