Set up Minecraft Forge - Prerequisites


I want to show you which basics you need in order to create a Minecraft Forge Workspace.


2/10 - Quite simple


  • You should know how to change the environment variables on your computer, if not follow this tutorial.
Important Note:
This Tutorial is created for Windows mainly. On another OS, some of the directories or commands may vary!

Install the JDK (Java Development Kit)

To develop Minecraft mods you must have the JDK installed. If you haven't already done this, follow these instructions.


First we have to go to the Java SE Page hosted by Oracle. Here we have to click the Java (JDK) button to go to the JDK download page. Then we have to accept the Licence Agreement before we can choose which version we want to download. We click on the link for your OS to start the download and launch the downloaded installer.


During the installation we will be asked where we want to install the JDK. We can leave the default directory but we have to remember or write down the directory because we'll need it later.


When the installation has finished we have to edit the environment variables of your system. We need to change the "path" variable and add the directory where we just installed the JDK followed by "\bin". Note that this directory must be seperated from the others in "path" by a ';'.

The directory we add may look like this: "C:\Program Files\java\jdk_8u5\bin;"


To check whether the environment variables are correct we can open up a new command prompt and type



If this doesn't lead to an error the environment variables are set correctly.

Installation of Eclipse

To write your code you should use an IDE (integrated development environment). The preferred IDE for Java is Eclipse. However, you can also use other IDEs like IntelliJ IDEA but then some things might be different.

In this tutorials I will always use Eclipse.


To install Eclipse we have to go to their web page first. We can select the OS with the dropdown box in the upper right corner.

Then we choose the right IDE. We need the "Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers". We click on the download link next to it.


Eclipse has no special installer, we just have to extract the downloaded .zip file (with WinRar or IzArc) and launch "eclipse.exe". If we get no errors everything is fine.

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