Advanced Modding - Using Miner's Basic


I want to show you, how you can use my library mod, Miner's Basic, to make life easier when creating your own mod.



2/10 - Quite Simple; The usage can be more difficult, depending on your project.


None, except a mod workspace.

Forge Version

The first version of Miner's Basic is designed for Forge

If Miner's Basic causes trouble with a higher version, please contact me.


This works exactly the same for every version of Miner's Basic.

What is Miner's Basic?

  • Miner's Basic is a library of useful methods and classes that can be used in mods. For instance, it contains:
    • A Packet Handler class
    • A Task Scheduler class
    • An API for configurable ingame GUIs
    • A large rendering utility package
    • A huge GUI utility package
    • Helpers for Reflection, Potions, Particles or Item-String conversion
    • Lots of utility methods
    • Lots of utility classes
    • And much more...
  • Miner's Basic is a mod itself, that means it keeps other mods smaller. The same class doesn't have to be copied into each mod, but every mod can just use Miner's Basic.
  • Miner's Basic is a community project. If you have created incredible useful classes that everyone should be able to use, we can add those to Miner's Basic.

How can I use Miner's Basic as a Player?

If a Mod of yours required Miner's Basic, you need to download the correct player release. You can find those on the download site for Mods. Click here to get there.

How can I use Miner's Basic as a Modder?

If you want to use Miner's Basic in your Mod, you'll need to import it as a library into Eclipse.

Therefore, download the needed files for your version down below. You need at least the library file and the javadoc file. You cannot use the player release here, because it's obfuscated. We need the deobfuscated version.

Download the files and place both in a folder where you'll find them easily.

Now, open Eclipse and choose your Mod's workspace. Once it's loaded, right click on your project in the package explorer. Then choose Buildpath -> Configure Buildpath.

Screenshot - Show

This will open a dialog where you need to switch to the tab "Libraries". There, choose "Add external JARs". Navigate to Miner's Basic's library jar file (-deobf suffix) and select it. This will add Miner's Basic as a new entry to the list of libraries. Now, click on the dropdown arrow to show the library's attachments.

Screenshot - Show

To add the Javadoc, select the Javadoc entry and press Edit. Here you're asked for a Javadoc URL or Javadoc in an archive. Choose the second option and enter the path to the javadoc file (-javadoc suffix). Once selected, press validate to check if the paths are correct.

Screenshot - Show

Now, press OK in every dialog. You've successfully added Miner's Basic to your workspace.

To test if everything works correct, try to use something from Miner's Basic from anywhere. For instance, access the Random instance located in CommonUtils (Don't forget to import CommonUtils). If you see something like the screenshot and not an error message that no Javadoc was found, everything is correct.

Screenshot - Show

You can now use Miner's Basic in your Mods.

You can download the source file as well and add it just as you did with the javadoc.


I'm going to create tutorials about the features of Miner's Basic, but this will take some time. Until then, you'll need to figure stuff out yourself using the Javadoc and Sourcecode.

Compiling a mod with Miner's Basic

To compile a mod with Miner's Basic, you need to add a reference to the Miner's Basic file in your build.gradle file.

Therefore, go to the dependencies section and add this line:

dependencies {
    compile files('libs/MinersBasic-1.0-b.323-mc1.8-deobf')

This means that gradle looks for a file called MinersBasic-1.0-b.323-mc1.8-deobf.jar  located in a folder called libs  that is in the same folder as the build.gradle file.

It is important that you use the deobfuscated version of Miner's Basic here. And don't forget to adjust the filename to your current Miner's Basic version!


If you create Mods with Miner's Basic, you can send them to me and I'll publish a link to them here on my site (link). Therfore, I need your Mod's name, a link to your Mod's website and optionally a small icon.

Here you can find the download links for Miner's Basic.

You can use Miner's Basic for free, but you are not allowed to re-upload the files, provide a download link without reference to my site or copy the sourcecode into your own projects. If you are unsure if something you want to do is allowed, just email me.

Version Minecraft Version Download
1.0 - beta build 327
1.8 (Forge
Library | Javadoc | Source | Changelog
1.0 - beta build 326 1.8 (Forge Library | Javadoc | Source | Changelog
1.0 - beta build 325
1.8 (Forge
Library | Javadoc | Source


Comments and Questions:

If you want to report modding problems, please make sure to include the code in a pastebin link or something else! Don't just write "It doesn't work", otherwise your post will be deleted. For more complicated problems, please use the troubleshooter form.