Modding Tutorials

Here you can find all my tutorials on how to write a Minecraft Mod for 1.7 / 1.8 using Minecraft Forge. The tutorials are good for beginners as well as for rather advanced modders. Happy coding everyone!

My modding tutorials

These are modding tutorials, not Java tutorials. If you have no idea how to write working code in Java, please search for a tutorial and learn some of the basics.

If you are completely new to Forge, please go through the Basic tutorials step by step because you will need the basics from the first tutorials in later ones too.

I rated the tutorials with a difficulty level. These are the different possible difficulties:

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If you have requests for new tutorials, just write a comment or use the contact page.

I decided not to continue the Tutorials for 1.7.10 because 1.8 is out in a stable version. If you still want to create mods for 1.7, try out the 1.8 code as well, sometimes only few changes need to be made.

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Setup, Basic 1.7 and Basic 1.8

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These Tutorials here are mostly based on other ones. Read the prerequisites of each tutorial carefully!


Maybe some of the Tutorials listed here will be moved from "Advaced" to "High End"...